Who are we?

This book offers one explanation for everything. More specifically, it describes human consciousness, the Four Forces of Nature, and Divinity, as one and the same. For example, the wisdom consciousness, the Force of Gravity and God the Mother are one and the same. To make this explanation more comprehensible, the Divine version was used. However, the reader is free to choose whatever version they find comfortable. There is no best interpretation or version. 

Eighteen years ago, the writer was introduced to the works of Jacob Boehme (1575-1624). He freely interpreted these works according to common sense and today’s scientific knowledge.This liberty was taken, for there was a need to update these writings and to make them comprehensible. Boehme did not stress the literal Bible interpretation. He stressed Bible allegories and picture stories as illustrating essential Truths. This is much like the truths we find embedded in myths. Nevertheless, Boehme’s beliefs brought him into conflict with the religious authorities. The religious and political authorities have their own interpretation based on their cunning intelligence. They wish to maintain and increase their power over the bodies and minds of the people.

  Political, religious and all earth authorities have gained their exalted position by excelling in the ways of this world; the big fish eat the little fish, survival of the fittest, and the henpecking of the weakest member. They gained this authority from the spirit of this earth and not from True Divinity. The earth gives those in authority control over our body and our mind. The earth can do this, for our body and our mind belong to the earth. As such, in our mind and body, we must ‘give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar’.

We all have an internal Divine part that belongs to God. This is the part inside of us that knows what is right and just. It is the part ‘that we give to God what belongs to God’. The earth is not its home, and it is protected from earth bureaucracy. People in authority, no matter how unjustly they treat us, also contain this Divine part. Consequently, we must do what makes no sense to our earth brain and mind. That is, we must love our enemies, pray for them, and turn the other cheek.

What are we?

The Divine consciousness is all that truly exists. This consciousness is not a self. That is, it is self-less. Selfless is a unity for there is no partial selfless. In effect, this selfless unity is love, or love-unity. We are all thought-forms or ideas from this Divine consciousness. 

Divinity wished to share contentment with its thought-forms. To do this, it had to give its thought-forms awareness of existence. This is self-awareness of being an existing body. As a self-aware thought-form body, containing a self-consciousness it would be able to reach contentment. Consequently, with a self-aware body consciousness and a mind self-consciousness the thought-form manifested the reality experience. 

The Divine consciousness can reason in good and evil. However, being the Love-unity will, it could only create in good. All thought-forms were first created in selfless good. At some point, thought-forms learned that they could generate contentment in selfishness. It is out of these evil thought-forms that the earth reality experience manifested as the Big Lie. The mind has the desire for earthy solid matter manifestation. However, the brain/body is able to manifest the solid matter neural sensation of substantiality. This is from the neural perception of electromagnetic matter in atoms as solidness. This manifestation of solid matter occurs in our brain. There is no solid matter, only the perception of solid matter. The earth makes the brain and the earth objects as solid matter. This offers earthlings the control of selfishly holding and manipulating earth thought-forms as their own. This allows the expression of cunning wisdom, the selfish acquisition of earth resources, and the sensation of being gods of the earth and other earth beings. 

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